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5th International Conference-Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (ICWSAUD2020)

A joint conference with 5th International Conference on Engineering, Innovation and Technology

Theme: ‘Reviving the Spirit of Cities’

Date: 20 to 22 April 2020 (Monday-Wednesday)

Venue: Royale Chulan Penang Hotel (Tentative)


Civil wars, currency crisis and political instability around the world cause uncertainty to our global economy which creates haywire, blear and confusion to the direction of sustainability and its development in the built environment. Unpredictable costs and prices of construction, energy, housing, property, services, management, planning and maintenance in the industry are among the significant factors which create this erratic condition. Due to this economic uncertainty, local government and private agencies are at high risk when they undertake investments in the construction industry. It is very risky when they finance new pre-plan cities, housing estates and buildings at the costs of construction materials and labour services affected by floated currencies because of fluctuated foreign-exchange market. In addition, a growing number of medium and high-income families who are able in bidding high house prices in the market is one of the many reasons for uncontrolled home prices in urban areas. The condition generates high living cost not affordable to the low-income families to live in the city. One of the crucial studies is to re-look on the history and theory of our cities’ growth to understand the present and future action in efficient energy usage, cultural sustainability and economic vibrancy. Researches in architecture and built environment’s sustainability regardless global economic and financial uncertainty are necessary to foster environmental and social concern as the key element. It is thus the aim of this conference to provide a platform for discussion of the new ideas, potential solution, methodology, technology, social issue and critical discourse in responding our present global condition.


The objectives of the conference are to give an opportunity to academicians, researchers, and industrial players from various fields and affiliations for sharing discussion, methods and strategies on the development, construction and progress the spirit of the cities throughout the globe, creating  towards livable built environments. Discussion of the relevant topics as the followings:

  1. Architecture (AR)
  2. Artificial intelligent (AI)
  3. Built Environment (BE)
  4. Conservation (CO)
  5. Engineering and technology (ET)
  6. Heritage Study (HS)
  7. Humanities (HU)
  8. Materials (MA)
  9. Resource Management (RM)
  10. Transportation (TR)
  11. Urban Planning (UP)
  12. Smart Cities (SC)
  13. Interior Design (ID)
  14. Other related topics

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