FINAL CALL for Papers

ICWSAUD2022 Paper Template

Click Here for the Full Paper Template below:


Final Date of Full Paper Submission: 10 August 2022

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Guidelines to the author/s:

  • The author must do the plagiarism/similarity (Turn-In-In) check for all papers sent to us.  We prefer a (Turn-In-In) score of less than 15%, a higher score may be accepted depending on the similarity pattern.
  • Each paper is limited to 4500 words including everything.
  • Each Figure in the paper, the authors must put “created by the authors”. We allow only 2 Figures taken from other papers without permission, and a proper citation to the source must be made.
  • All Tables must be text.
  • All authors must happy to give their photos and short biographies.
  • All references must be written in a standard format including APA format, Harvard format, Vancouver format, MLA format, IEEE, or Chicago format. Do not mix between formats.
  • Please remove all uncited reference items.
  • Citation writing must use only the last name of the authors and et al. must be used for citing 3 and more authors.  We also accept citation writing using numbers with square blankets.
  • All papers must be put in the journal template.  A signed copyright form must be sent together with each paper
  • A conference note will be put at the end of the paper.
  • If papers are of too low quality, we may reject such papers.  Journal decisions are final.
  • Additional fees may be applied for lengthy papers (more than 4500 words), and incorrect reference formats.